Friday, February 12, 2010

The Janitor awarded for most sensual of 2009

The Janitor was honored as one of the most sensual of 2009 by Catanetwork.

List of awardees is here.

The Janitor came in seventh and in the top ten for erotic.

See results here.

To anyone who voted for it, thank you.


  1. Hi I am Tina From Twolips I just gave this book a RR but do not know how to contact you to tell you the link :(

  2. Hi, Tina. I'm just getting my second website up to speed so I know it's been a bit harder to reach me. I should have it up soon, maybe as soon as tomorrow morning. Thank you so much on the RR! I'm thrilled the story moved you. You might be interested to know the sequel to The Janitor will be out in late July from Loose Id, called The Boxer. You can reach me at janmairving at gmail dot com