Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cover art for Mastering Toby

Like most of my thumbnails, click and it gets bigger.

My take on the cover. I wanted it extremely sensual, all about the need between these two friends that has been building for years. Jared holds Toby. Love his bed hair and morning beard. The setting is a floating home and the bust on the table is Quan Yin, Chinese goddess of Mercy.

This is my third cover by Paul. I dedicated the book (along with a couple other people) to him. Last I heard, it should be out maybe in late March. The spin off, Sahara Blue, I am half done writing and hope to finish after The Boxer.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Janitor awarded for most sensual of 2009

The Janitor was honored as one of the most sensual of 2009 by Catanetwork.

List of awardees is here.

The Janitor came in seventh and in the top ten for erotic.

See results here.

To anyone who voted for it, thank you.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Pleasure Slave

Lucius Mettelus Carbo, once a legate on the rise in the Roman army, rescues a beautiful young prostitute, Varick, who immediately stirs him. However, Lucius doesn't believe anyone could want him, a man cursed by the gods with an ugly, twisted leg. He resists his attraction to the pleasure slave as they forge a tempestuous relationship, and Varick tries to convince Lucius that he desires his master despite the injury. Both men are fighting their fears as they strive toward a future together… a future in the shadow of the volcano Mount Vesuvius.

Excerpt of The Pleasure Slave

Lucius asked, "You like men?"

"Yes," Varick admitted, eyes on his hands as he played with a rose he'd picked. "I used to meet with a boy in the fields."

Living vicariously, Lucius leaned forward. "What did you do with him?"

"Took him in my mouth." Varick tossed aside the rose in an impatient gesture and cupped Lucius's cheek. Lucius tensed, parting his lips to speak and Varick caught him, a gentle kiss, sucking Lucius's lower lip into his mouth, holding his gaze as he did so.

Lucius groaned and, unable to help himself, buried a hand in Varick's hair, like silken wheat to his touch. Ecastor! It felt so good, those lips on his, the teeth nipping him gently as if Varick had lain with him a thousand times and knew just how to make him burn.

Somehow Varick was lying on his back and Lucius crushed him into the pebble mosaic flooring, Varick's body a cradle for Lucius, his cock heavy, confined by clothing but insistent against Varick.

Lucius wanted to feast on him as he had not feasted on anyone since he'd been injured.

"You…" Breathless, wide eyes, Varick cupped Lucius's cheek. "You could have me now and in the morning I could wake in your bed."

Lucius blinked, pulling away, feeling like he'd been drowning like a lost bee in a jug of wine. "What?" he growled, fuzzy.

Varick's blue stone eyes looked up, captured him. "If you bought me, I could stay. You could have me whenever you want."

Purchase the ebook here.



Noah Matthews brought his son Josh to the pristine woods of Washington State to make a fresh start. The first night in their new home, Noah meets Kell Farraday when the laconic police chief shows up on his doorstep searching for two people lost in the forest. It's the start of a sexy new friendship when Kell decides to pursue the shy but flirtatious Noah.

But a new beginning won't be so easy. Noah's former boyfriend shows up to try to reclaim a place in his life, and worse, Josh is drawn to the growing mystery in the forest. People disappear and then one turns up dead. There's something haunting the forest. Something watching. And soft-spoken and confident Kell's reassurances can't ease Noah's fear when Josh goes into the woods alone.

Wylde in ebook and paperback.

The entire first chapter can be read here.

Thanks to permafrost of Rainbow Reviews for reviewing Wylde and giving it five stars: Escalating suspense, subtly inspired and reader-captivating, begins right away and keeps reader attention on the story, turning pages both to find out the "secrets" and to discover what will happen to Noah, son Josh, Chief Kell, and the other secondary, but not unimportant, characters.

The full review is here.

I have written a spin off to this novel. Hope to share more about that sometime soon.