Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Boxer by Jan Irving is out

Former boxer Dane Connelly faces losing it all, everything he fought for in The Janitor. He's hiding problems with his fight-damaged eyesight from his uptown lover, Noel Atherton. How can he be a man for him if he can’t see to fight or to paint? And now the vicious killer Narone, who almost broke him in the ring, is out on parole, looking for payback. Dane is desperate to protect the man he loves.

But Noel has had enough of sleeping alone in their empty bed, aching for Dane, so he devises various exotic scenarios to seduce him, giving his lover the sexual domination he needs. He knows Dane is not being upfront with him, and after being patient for months he’s growing alarmed something is really wrong. Now Noel has to use his body and his heart to fight for his beloved boxer.

Read a new excerpt and find it here.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Born to be Wylde is out

Deputy Ken Ito wakes up from a nightmare in a strange place—a cave in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, cared for by a beautiful young man with long hair that smells of cedar. As he heals from an assault, Ken wants Wylde's body to cover his, feeling like he’s lost in one of the captive-captor romances he used to sneak from his mother.

But Ken has to get back to his life and find out who targeted him. He was investigating some disappearances on the remote stretch of road he patrols when someone got the jump on him, beat him, and left him for dead. Fortunately, Wylde found him, took care of him…but now he considers Ken his.

To read an excerpt of the first chapter and purchase Born to be Wylde go here.

Luke is out

Wandering cowboy Luke Walker is at the end of his rope after his girlfriend abandons their newborn daughter. A terrified new father, he’s grateful to meet Dr. Morgan Gallagher. Morgan recognizes that he and Luke could help each other: Luke can rebuild Morgan’s property and land so Morgan can have the horses he wants, and Morgan can provide the younger man with a safe place to raise his daughter. In theory, it should work out perfectly, except that Morgan is instantly attracted to Luke—a straight man—and sharing the same cabin and caring for the baby is a more intimate arrangement than he’d imagined.

Luke is a spin off of Sylvan.

Excerpt and purchase link for Luke here.