Friday, February 14, 2014

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Lonely Cowboy

Happy V Day! I think love has to start with loving yourself. It's not always an easy thing to do, but it's so important because it is the touchstone relationship in your life.

I have a new release out today that is all about a big change in someone's life and how love helps him find the way back to himself--Lonely Cowboy.

Navy SEAL Simon Morrison came home broken. But quilter Tate Stevens is slowly healing him. If only Simon’s secret didn’t endanger them both.

Tate… I fell in love with a man I didn't understand. You know how that is? Simon Morrison has long silver blond hair in a ragged ponytail and blue eyes more alive than I've ever seen, like he's walked with death so everything else has burned away. He's a warrior who came back broken, who hides in the shadows. And there's something dangerous about him, but I didn't understand until the night I ran after him and they were waiting—the other wolves. They tore into me and I died. My name is Tate Stevens and I died but something keeps me here. I can't leave my warrior behind, no matter how much it hurts or how whatever it is I am becoming confuses me.

Simon… I came back from Afghanistan with one goal, to find a place to die. But slowly, watching Tate working on his art quilts, it got so it didn't hurt so much. I felt the colours coming back. He is my light. He is my heart. They tried to take him away from me while I screamed his name. And now he thinks he's a monster. He is so alone. I have to find a way to bring him back to his light…

*Book seven in the Uncommon Cowboys series but it can be read (as they all are) as a standalone. Find it here or on Amazon, ARe and other booksellers. It's also available in print.

Also, I'm so grateful to readers for making my first book out in a while, "Shady," a best seller!

Find it here.