Monday, March 29, 2010

Mastering Toby celebration

Jared Asche has secretly loved Toby Rafferty from the moment he grabbed Toby’s bare ass and had pretend sex with him for the cameras on the soap Mission Bay. But Jared knows Toby is straight and just needs a friend, so he lives with the pain of unrequited love… until Toby impulsively kisses him, crossing the line between friends and lovers.

Despite his fears about being with another man, Toby pursues him, and Jared is helpless to refuse as their passion explodes during a sexy game. Confused, Jared decides to take a trip to see a long-time friend for advice, leaving an insecure Toby vulnerable to the advances of his ex-girlfriend.

Jared’s hopes for life and love with Toby are crushed—but Toby’s not willing to give up. He’ll have to convince Jared that his intentions are serious if they’re going to weather this and other threats to their newborn relationship.

My book Mastering Toby is now available from Dreamspinner Press in ebook and paperback.

I am holding a special contest for a signed print copy of Mastering Toby on my yahoo group. Details here.


  1. I'm reading it right now, and I'm LOVING IT so far :) Makes me all *hot* & *wet*---thanks so much!!

    ~~~Tame A~~~

  2. Chrysalis1975--thank you so much!