Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mask out August 17!

I have some happy news to share. First, Mask will be out earlier than I anticipated, on August 17! And second, The Hired Man will be out in October.

Mask is on the DSP coming soon page: here.

The book has beautiful typset masks on each chapter heading and this Anne Cain cover. PB made it a little smaller, but you can see leaves hinted on the arms, harkening to the vegetation that is swarming over the gothic-type Southern mansion.

Click on this to see it larger. This is the cover for Mask. Really, I have to say, this is a beautiful cover and I'm very happy with it. It's lush and sensual and completely in character for Nick, an artist who forgets to get a hair cut. I feel like I lucked out big time twice with cover art.

Can't wait for this book to be out.

On my LJ Jan_revealed here, I will be running a raffle to celebrate the book coming out as I did with The Janitor. Friend the journal to keep track.

And you can check out my website to see what I have in the works, with excerpts, blurbs and more:

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