Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy news! I have sold Mask, my next book.

This weekend I sold my novel Mask! I'm really happy about this since I know people were wanting to see more of my work come available. It happened really fast which was wonderful. The novel is tentatively out in October 2009 which is when it's actually set.

It is an erotic gothic novel and possibly the first of three. I'm now working on a historical that regularly brings my critique group to tears--but in a good way. If you liked The Janitor, then The Hired Man is a story I think you'll enjoy. I actually have so many stories I want to work on that I'm excited about.

I am already working on the book trailer vid for Mask. My friend found the perfect picture to imply Kain and Nick's Dominant/submissive relationship, a picture of Kain 'taking what's his.'

Mask may also have two sequels in a series. I'm going to wait and see how the first book does and if it seems readers like it and want more, I will write more.

Now some of you know about the special raffle on my livejournal, Jan_revealed, here:

That is where the snippets and most up to date news is about my work. It will be a short lived but special raffle for all those who purchased The Janitor, so take a look here for details:

To purchase The Janitor, click on the swimming goldfish below:

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